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Some functions require that all of our images be at the exact same width and height. While some programs come with automatic image “resizers” others do not. If we have the wrong size image, it will just display badly. Online slideshows are one example of a function where all of the images in the slideshow need to be the same height and width. Another example is Facebook images. These are special images we assign to our website pages such that when the website page is shared on Facebook, the special image displays above the title of the article or page being shared. Facebook has all kinds of hidden rules to determine how this image will be displayed. For example, any image with a dimension under 200 pixels will not be displayed at all. Large or odd shaped images will be cropped such that only part of the image is displayed. This makes it look like we do not know what we are doing when in fact it is Facebook which has failed to provide the automatic resizing tools.

After years of trial and error, we have determined that an image that is 460 pixels wide by 270 pixels wide is most likely to be displayed correctly on Facebook. We will use Libre Draw to create this special image and then use Fotoxx to set the specific dimensions for this image. In our last article, we created the following Libre Draw document with three transparent images on a gradient background.


First to set a ratio that is about 460 by 270, we need to display the Libre Draw Gridlines. Click on View, Grid, Display Grid.


This will place a series of thin gray lines to form boxes in the Libre Draw background. To make the space we need easier to see, click on a rectangular box in the bottom drawing tool bar and set it to take up the grid leaving two rows on the top and both sides and three rows on the bottom. Right click on this square and click area. Set the Color for None.


Then right click on the rectangle again and select Line. Then set the line color for blue and the line thickness for .10 inches.


Here is what our rectangle now looks like with the grid lines in the background.


We will now add four text boxes – each with background area set for None and Line set for None. The first box says “Closing the Digital Divide” with a font size of 44 Bold and a Font Effect of Shadow. The second box says C910. We used a color picker tool to create a color to match the green color of the word Acer. The third box is a plus sign. The fourth box says “ = A Computer Revolution.” It is also 44 Bold with a Shadow.

Next, we need to turn off the grid by clicking on View, Grid, Display Grid again. Then use Shutter to take a precise screen shot from the upper left corner of the blue border to the lower right corner.


Right click on this image and save it in our article images folder. The final step is to resize and crop the image with Gthumb. We will do that in the next article.
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